We pride ourselves on the success of our customers and the growth of their brands. We find the most diverse and creative solutions to lead our partners to success. Whether in a shopping center or on the street, we look for the best location for each brand and the best brand for each location. We differentiate ourselves by monitoring and analyzing the performance of each activity and / or business over time, tracing different scenarios, presenting growth strategies and providing all the know-how of a retail team, to monitor each brand and / or business .

Expansion | Management | Know-How | Specialized Team


Over the years, Retail Mind has trained itself with the best technical tools and human resources, to support, from the first moment, our customers in their franchising processes. We provide consultancy in the area of Franchising, supporting in different sectors: analysis and economic and financial viability of the project, preparation of support manuals, implementation and development strategy, among others.

Consultancy | Economic and Financial Analysis | Expansion Strategy


Attending the increasing need of brands to be seen by millions of people in real time, we promote and encourage companies, the possibility of placing their brands and entities, visible to all ages and social classes, present in sports venues and equipment. An enormous amount of interest is attracted, while millions of people and new national and international audiences watch not only physically, but also through television, the web and the physical press, moments that are timelessly recorded.

Consulting | Communication | Sports Venues | Sports Equipment


The growth and expansion of brands often go through testing the product/concept in multi-brand stores and therefore we can present your brand and/or business to reference companies in the distribution sector in different countries. From the same perspective, we can support companies in finding the best supplier/manufacturer of their product and/or brand.


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With the current phenomenon of globalization, the growth of companies is often driven to the mergers and acquisitions market. Retail Mind assists in these processes (M&A) providing a comprehensive analysis of the business, identifying risks and opportunities and leading the parties to the best economic, financial, legal and operational outcome of the various operations in which it operates. Given the multidisciplinary team we have, with several years of accumulated experience, we have preferential access to privileged information in advance.

Business Analysis | Exclusive Information | Privileged Contacts


Retail Mind guides its customers to the best and most appropriate financial solutions to their projects, identifying various sources of capital, such as Joint Ventures, investment funds, banking, among others. Within the scope of all these operations, we provide legal services, namely contractual verification, legal advice and due diligence services.


Joint Ventures | Due Dilligence | Contractual analysis


Making strategic decisions based on market analysis allows you to anticipate behavior patterns, market trends and understand the target audience. We develop studies tailored to the needs of each brand and/or company in order to achieve the pre-defined objectives for each market/sector.

Strategic Analysis | Competitive Market | Action Strategy


We have a department oriented to the monitoring of constructions and projects that proceeds to verify the execution of the works, management and quality of the techniques, materials and equipment used. We monitor and follow the work developed by each team involved in each project.

Specialty Projects | Architecture | Supervision of Works | Energy Certification | Real Estate Appraisal